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I Am Lilou Bloom

Sunny Rectangular Sunglasses

Sunny Rectangular Sunglasses

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Finally- a pair of sunglasses that will make you live in the sun! And with impeccable style and social magnetizing ability. These glasses (and, yes they come in more than one color) will make your life enjoyable and easy both indoors and outdoors, because these frames are timelessly stylish, recognizable from afar- like an ornament to hang on your nose case. But don't mistake their light weight design for something flimsy: these baby's got flair (see what I did there?) Along with being able to withstand all sorts of different weather conditions, rain or shine. "Sunny Rectangular Sunglasses" just makes sense every time!

 Sunny Summer Rectangular Sunglasses | I AM LILOU BLOOM - I Am Lilou Bloom

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