Vegan Leather Clutch Bag With Strap

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We all know the look of fancy leather goods. Leather is classic, timeless; an instant status symbol to whoever gets it in their possession. But what about vegan leather? Sure, you could go out and get the latest lot of calfskin or even one that's recycled from old car seats (a little weird but hey). Or you could go for this Vegan Leather Clutch Bag With Strap -- no animals harmed whatsoever in its creation! And it still looks like the real thing too - oh wait, much better than the real thing. For instance: No need for another wipe job when your pate starts sweating up a storm at dinner or when someone spills flavored protein shake on it by accident! Did we mention crosshatch weave design?

  • 9.5*4.5 inch

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Vegan Black Leather Crossbody Clutch Bag With Strap-I Am Lilou Bloom